Facundo Carrillo

Facundo Carrillo earned his Ph. D. in Computer Science (Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina). He holds the chair of Natural Language Processing (NLP) in the Master’s in Data Science at Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina), and he serves as Assistant Researcher at CONICET, in a joint appointment with the Institute of Computer Science at Universidad de Buenos Aires. His main line of research uses NLP algorithms and models to characterize altered mental states. His work in computational psychiatry has been published in leading journals (some with impact factor > 40). Facundo has received awards from different organizations and companies, including the Research Awards for Latin America by Google Research in 2016, the Emerging Scholar award by Facebook Research in 2018, the Innovator Under 35 in LATAM prize by MIT Technology Review in 2020, and the Digital Disruptors: High-Tech Trendsetter award by Globant in 2021. Facundo is also a co-founder of Sigmind.


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