Speech and language,
the ultimate windows
into the human mind

Our intuitive interface
enables users to create
participants, choose tasks,
obtain data, and access
results with minimal
effort and only a few clicks.

TELL requires no
download or installation.
It runs online on iPads,
tablets, laptops, and PCs.

TELL is available in multiple
languages and can be swiftly
adapted to new languages
on demand.

Developed by a
transdisciplinary team,
TELL’s tasks involve
different demands on brain
systems supporting
articulation, language,
memory, attention,
emotion, and creative thinking.

TELL’s tasks and metrics
are validated for
Alzheimer’s disease, mild
cognitive impairment,
Parkinson’s disease, and
psychiatric disorders
depression), on with
speakers of Spanish,
English, German, and Czech.

Our metrics capture
acoustic features (e.g.,
speech rhythm, emotional
valence) and linguistic
aspects (e.g., predominant
words) sensitive to
neurological and
psychiatric disorders.

Recordings, transcriptions,
metrics, and survey
responses can be
immediately downloaded
for research purposes.

TELL provides immediate
visualizations of results for
clinicians, with
explanations of each metric.