Adolfo M. García

Co-Founder & CSO

Fernando Johann

Co-Founder & CEO

Facundo Carrillo



Cecilia Calcaterra

Laouen Belloli

Raúl Echegoyen

Eugenia Hesse

Joaquín Ponferrada

Alejandro Sosa Welford


Bruce Miller, MD

 A.W. and Mary Margaret Clausen Distinguished Professor in Neurology

 Director, Memory and Aging Center

 Founding Director, Global Brain Health Institute, UCSF

Rafael Orozco, PhD

 Full Professor at Universidad de Antioquia

 Adjunct Researcher at University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

 Master Researcher at ARTICA Research Center


TELL holds a strategic alliance with the Include network, spanning 30+ clinical and research centers in 15+ countries.

TELL is supported by the Global Brain Health Institute, a worldwide leader in equitable approaches to dementia care.

TELL leans on consultants from the CNC, a research team with 200+ papers published in leading scientific journals.

TELL is powered by Sigmind, pioneers in the development of digital speech and language metrics for brain health.

TELL is funded by SF500, a leading program propelling science-based start-ups to help turn knowledge into practical tools.

TELL is associated with the Alzheimer’s Association, the global leader in Alzheimer’s care and research.